After last years failed at a return trip to Alaska`s Katmai National Park for Brown Bear photography I managed to
make a return this year.
A "Flying Visit" of sorts with 7 days spent camping out in the Alaskan Backcountry at Hallo Bay to photograph the mighty Coastal Brown Bears and friends
aswell as the magnificent scenery.
Along the way I spent some time in the town of Homer with its famous Spit aswell as the City of Anchorage,as ever not enough time to do everything but it just means
a return trip is never far away!
I hope you enjoy the images and check out the wildlife images from the trip.


Alaska 2012

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Although the weather at times would be best described as dreich I at least felt at home and it helped to keep the mosquitoes at bay mostly!
Lots of opportunity to photograph and observe Coastal Brown Bears (grizzly) Wolves,Foxes and Eagles.
Fortunately the week was spent in great company with my fellow nature lovers whom had travelled from Australia and San Diego for the priviledge.


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